Notes from quarantine

Yeah, I’ve really let this thing go, huh? I’m sorry about that. But right now I have some unexpected time on my hands since I woke up this morning (Saturday) with a nice case of tonsilitis and/or strep. Last night during the shows I was getting a little bit of a sore throat, but I chalked it up to a lot of singing in the past 2 days (I put a new song in the show last night that featured my Second City flute debut). I woke up a couple of times in the night and noticed that it was feeling worse, and then I looked at it when I woke up (at noon) and saw a lovely deep red-purple color with white patches all over. And my glands are swolen and I just feel generally bad. So I’m resting up this weekend in hopes of hitting the ground running again next week.

I’m pretty disappointed that I have to miss shows and sets this weekend, and that’s actually a nice feeling to have. I’m still having a great time in this process – I think the whole cast is. Our show now features 2/3 new material, and a lot of it is hitting really well. We should be in great shape to open in another 6-7 weeks.

For the record, the Walgreens at Clark just south of Howard has the most ridiculously terrible pharmacy I’ve ever witnessed. Avoid at all costs.

What else has been going on…my Second City stage manager Craig built us an entertainment center that is pretty stunning, and that’s helping us slowly get more settled in here. Every unit is occupied now, and our biggest problem at this point is figuring out what to do about the fact that our downstairs neighbors (who are renting their unit) smoke, and the smell is wafting up here, primarily through our bathroom fans. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I think service at Flattop Grill has gotten really sketchy. The last two or three times I’ve gone – two different locations – Rich or I or both have gotten wrong orders, weird extraneous ingredients, and a manager that insisted that the strobe-like light bulb above our table was due to vibrations from the air conditioner, even though no other bulb in the entire place was doing it. If I were 20/20’s John Stossel I’d tell them to give me a break!

Oh, one last thing. My musical director, Ruby Streak, has a podcast where she talks about her time at Second City and has weekly guests. Rich and I did one a couple of weeks ago and it’s available now. Just go to itunes and search for “Ruby Streak,” or you can find a link on the Second City website. Not groundbreaking, but I think they’re pretty fun and interesting to listen to.

  •  Anonymous

    I need more Erdmania! Thank God you are back :)

    Erdmania > Hulkamania

  •  Kathy

    Found your blog. Just wanted to say I have been an Erdmaniac for nearly 30 years when I began the delightful job of babysitting for an adorable little Erdman girl named Molly. You and baby sister Emily were my first experiences with childraising. Thank God you were such a good, patient little girl! You had to put up with an inexperienced teenager tending you! So proud of what you have become! Needless to say, I was somewhat shocked to learn that the funny lady in the Sonic commercials was the little girl I used to take care of. Say hi to your Mom and Emily for me. Kathy Krusz Ericson

  • Molly Erdman

    Hi Kathy! What a nice surprise to hear from you! My mom says hello and that you were one of her favorite babysitters for Emily and me. And I think yours was the first wedding I had ever been to! Hope you are doing well.