Occupational Hazard

Often, celebrities of various stature will come by the Second City to watch and show, and sometimes play in the improv set following the show. In recent years, people who have come by include Mel Gibson, Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Martin Short, Keanu Reeves, and assorted others. A few days ago, Second City alum Adam McKay (writer of “Anchorman”) was supposed to come by, with buddy Will Ferrell in tow. They ended up not coming, but I found that evening an fitting time to mention to my castmates that I tend to freeze up around celebrities of any level. I think this is one of the few bits of my childhood shyness that remain, along with not liking to use the phone and fear of people in costumes. Anyway, I let my colleagues know that were a celebrity ever to show up, I would most likely be found hiding in the bathroom.

Last night (Saturday), I did not perform in the shows, but instead went to my friend Nicky’s wedding in Madison. It was lovely and a lot of fun, and I was glad I got to go. Doubly glad when I got to the theatre tonight and discovered that I dodged the celebrity bullet that is Dan Aykroyd. He didn’t play the set, but watched the 10pm show. I know in the future I may not be so lucky, so watch for blog entries in the future describing my various breakdowns and hiding places.

Robin Watch 2005 has yielded one baby bird so far. We saw it just before we left for Nicky’s wedding Saturday. It’s kind of gross, frankly. I’ll try to get a picture but the mother is being (understandably) protective and is wary of paparazzi. There are still three unhatched eggs to go. I’m going to perform a c-section on them if they don’t hatch by Wednesday.

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