Off the road

Rich was away on a job last week and is gone off and on most of this week. That’s right, the tables have been turned on me, and now I’m holding down the fort while he’s traveling to exciting places like Fall River, Massachusetts and Ogden, Utah. I’m actually pretty jealous of the Utah gig, since that’s one of about 5 states I’ve never been to. Curses!

What other states have I not been to, you ask? North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, and possibly Kentucky. I really can’t figure out if I’ve been there. In fact, I just got out my atlas to see if I must have driven through it during my trips from Dallas to Boston, but I think I might have gone from Tennessee right into Virginia. So to be safe, I’ll add it to the list. So that’s 5 states. If anyone can offer me a trip to any of those places, that would really help me fulfill my dream of national domination. There was talk on our last shoot of doing a Sonic shoot in Utah. Keep your fingers crossed.

By the way, if you buy an atlas at Wal Mart, it lists cities in each state and whether they have a Wal Mart or Sam’s Club.

This past weekend I attended the “on the road reunion” of Greenhill, the school I went to in Dallas from 4th-12th grade. A handful of administrators and teachers from Greenhill will travel to cities with large alum populations (New York, LA, Chicago, Austin) and have a reception of some sort. There have been two others since I’ve been in Chicago, but this was the first one I went to. Fortunately I didn’t have to go it solo, since my childhood buddy and fellow alum Allie still lives in Chicago. Also fortunately, we had an easy escape because I had to be at Second City at 7:30 and the event started at 6:30. It was actually pretty painless. I got to see the alumni director, who I knew during my Greenhill days, as well as Mr. Perryman, who was my 6th grade English teacher and advisor (Greenhill’s more mature word for homeroom teacher), and probably my favorite teacher ever. He had attended Greenhill too, and was fresh out of college when he came to teach us. This makes him about 10 years older than me, which is a lot when you’re 11 and in 6th grade, but not a lot when you’re 31 and have plenty of other friends in their 40’s. I also met the current headmaster, which is a lot fancier and more expensive than a principal.

A group of five, including the three mentioned above, all came to the Second City show Sunday night. There’s a scene early on in the show where Brian is asking people to sign his petition to end the war, and a series of people come by with different reactions. Matt is the first one out and signs a bunch of different names, ending with him saying a name that is his “porn name.” Whenever someone we know is in the audience, he’ll use their name. I asked him to use the name Sam Mulroy, because he’s the kid who in 6th grade detention linked up a bunch of paper clips and stuck them in an electrical socket. He was also in my advisory (not homeroom, you simpleton) with Mr. Perryman, and I really hoped he remembered him. I watched Mr. Perryman’s face during that part and I swear I saw no recognition at all, but then when we talked after the show he mentioned it right away and said it was hilarious. So there you have it. The legend of Sam Mulroy lives on.

  •  sam i am

    i cant believe i am a legend..but I hope you realize that they moved detention out of the science rooms after that stunt.