Our first day off the leash

We did our first shows last night, and they were extremely successful, if I do say so myself. Both shows were packed, and the crowds were really responsive. All day today we’ve gotten terrific compliments from people. My favorite (although not really a compliment, more of a remark), was “You were in the show last night! I recognize you because of your face.”

After the show there was a nice reception for us in one of the bars, and then I went to bed. I’m still not sleeping well, unfortunately, but I don’t really feel tired during the day, so I guess it’s all ok.

Update on the fire from a couple of nights ago…it was a crew member on the deck below me who left a candle burning in his room (there aren’t supposed to be any open flames on the ship). Today when we got to St. Thomas he was escorted off the ship – fired (no pun intended, but pun enjoyed) immediately. Hey folks, that’s life at sea. Arrrrr! (Meant to sound like a pirate, not frustration.)

Today we arrived in St. Thomas, sort of. There were so many ships coming in today that we didn’t get a spot at the pier, so instead we had to tender – which means we drop anchor a little ways from the shore and little (relatively) boats come pick up groups of passengers and take them to shore. This process takes some time, since there are only a couple of tendering boats, and we had already arrived late, so it was kind of hectic. We all decided not to try to go to St. Thomas, and instead enjoyed the ship for our first free day. Then our producer treated us to a nice dinner at the steakhouse on board.

So now we start learning how to live our lives here, now that the rehearsals and initial anxiety have ended. Tomorrow we’re going to Antigua and should have some time to explore.

One last thing…our tv’s have about a dozen channels, and a few of them are specific ship channels – some give reports from the bridge (weather, distance traveled, etc.), some feature information from the cruise director, but the one I seem to be obsessed with is a promo video that Brooke Burke from E! does, where she’s acting like a passenger on the ship and is showing us all of the wonderful things we can all do on board. Unwittingly, I’ve memorized about 1/4 of her spiel, so hopefully within a couple of weeks I’ll have the whole thing down. Here’s an excerpt, so you feel like you’re here:

“Last night was a late night in the casino, and I worked up quite an appetite. This morning I’m going to try the buffet. I am definitely going to have to visit the fitness center later, but right now, I’m going to enjoy this!.” (“This” refers to an enormous belgian waffle on the plate in front of her, which I have yet to see at the buffet.)

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