Pearl of Wisdom

Jewelry. It’s pronounced jewel-ry. Just like it’s spelled. Not jew-lery. Unless of course you’re talking about nuculear jewlery.

  • markmarquez

    I knew that, learned it when I went to the

  • http://www.bettercomics.comrel=nofollow JE Smith

    And of course there are those who pronounce it “jury.” There’s the old joke about the socialite who was thrilled to learn she had jury duty. “I love jury,” she gushed, “I wear it all the time!”

  • jimbo

    I once saw a realator at the liberry wearing nucular jewlery, but it didn’t jive with her outfit.

  • jimbo

    Here’s another one – jagwire.

  •  Anonymous

    aren’t you the girl in the sonic commercials always on TV?

  • Burnt Toast

    Here in Mississippi it is sometimes pronounced “jury” and you can find some “jury” in a “jury sto”.

  • provik

    I’m guilty. I pronounce it incorrectly. From now on I’ll warsh my mouth out with soap when I talk wrong.


  • Christine

    I have this argument with my boss all the time, and she’sthe publisher of a newspaper, ffs.
    She says joolery, but, then again, she’s from Boston. THEN I find out that the English spell it jewellery. So they pronounce it jewlery. I can’t win.