Plugging away

So it happened. I had another birthday. And with it I have somehow been endowed with the oily skin of a teenager. Oh, life.

In other news, things are on the upswing a bit in the ol’ acting department. As you may have seen, my current featured video is a bit I did on Jimmy Kimmel a couple of weeks ago, and now I’ve just gotten word that I booked a Toyota commercial that will shoot next week. For those keeping track, this will be the first commercial I’ve done since Sonic (aside from a Pillsbury spec that never aired). For those keeping even more track (now a very popular phrase, all the kids are using it), my former Sonic husband Brian was in a series of ads for Toyota…in a minivan, in fact. These spots aren’t with him, but in a way it’s like I’m commercially stalking him.

So, either things will continue to get better, or they won’t and I’ll blame this post for jinxing it. Stay tuned to find out!

Oh also, check out another new video I did for the Second City Network on my Video page!

  • Jarrod

    Ha! I just saw the Toyota commercial for the first time tonight and I thought that was you! Why can’t he rejoin the band? Why?

  • texas bob

    Since Sonic is not airing your ads I’ve stopped eating at their “restaurants” My cardiologist thanks you. The NPR interview was great as is catalog living! You rock!

  • Brian in Denver

    It was great to see you on the Toyota commercial.
    What a great face you have!

  • Buzzsaw fan

    why CAN’T he rejoin the band?

  • Max

    I really enjoyed those sonic commercials, you were hilarious. Nice job!