Putting my free time to good use

Some disappointing news to report…it seems that the Sonic spots Claudia and I shot last month are not going to air. Not entirely sure why, but that’s how the oreo blast crumbles, I suppose. So what am I doing with my time these days? Oh, you know, typical stuff. Like going to a taping of America’s Funniest Videos. Jealous?

That’s right. On September 26th, my boyfriend Joe and my friends Matt & Rebecca joined me to see, in person, one of my favorite guilty-pleasure shows of all time. Now, when I mention America’s Funniest Videos, many people respond with “Is Bob Saget still hosting that” or “Is that still on the air?”. No. And yes. America’s Funniest Videos (or AFV to those of us in the know) is alive and well and hosted by the man I call America’s Host, Tom Bergeron (aka “The Berge”).

The first thing to know about going to see an AFV taping is that you may very well end up on camera, so you have to dress nicely. I’m proud to say that my party was among the best dressed there, with the ladies in dresses and the gentlemen in ties. Due to our fashion sense, we were asked to sit in the “cafe tables” area of the audience, but to do so we would have to be split up. Not wanting to divide our happy party of four, we declined and were seated in the “overflow” section, meaning we wouldn’t be on camera. But just as we were settling in to our off-camera seats, Joe and I were summoned back to the cafe section. Matt and Rebecca sent us off with their blessing. So watch the November 1st episode of AFV and you will very likely see my enthusiastically-laughing and applauding self.

  • Dave

    That’s too bad about the new Sonic spots, I was looking forward to them. You always do such great work. I’ve liked Bergeron ever since he showed up on the fledgling FX network as the host of “Breakfast Time”, a live morning show done from a NYC loft with a guest family eating at the table. Quirky, with puppets, a piano room for musical guests, etc., it was still a very balanced show, complete with a real news segment and weather report. Bergeron does quite well with AFV, ‘Dancing’, and the others. And as for Saget’s tenure? Oy …

  • Becky..Absent Minded Housewife

    We’ll watch. It’s one of the programs that my whole family will sit down to watch quietly, without any whining or incessant requests for juice.

  • Bill

    I remember that show “Breakfast Time”, it was great. Didn’t they have a puppet on that show? I believe FOX eventually picked up the show, made them loose the puppet, and within a year the show was off the air. Moral of the story…don’t mess with the puppet!

  • Jeff Horton

    My wife and I were watching the latest sonic ads with great disappointment that you were not on them. They need you back in there!