Read this, you young whippersnappers!

I’m older now. Can you tell? Does it show in my typing? Yes, it’s true – I recently celebrated a birthday. And it appears to be the birthday that has made me not want to tell people how old I am. And that has driven me to purchase a higher echelon of face cream. I’ve never been hung-up on age before, but for some reason this milestone has left me wanting to avoid the subject. So let’s move on…

For my birthday, my wonderful friend Heidi came to visit from Albany, and we took an overnight trip to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is part swanky resort town, part college town, and party crazy-person town. I’m working on a pie chart with the exact percentages, but suffice it to say the crazy-person proportion is high. We took a wine tasting tour to Santa Ynez (about an hour away), and visited four difference wineries. I’ve never been to a winery or done a wine-tasting before, and I have to say it’s a lot of fun. For around $10 you get to sample 6 or 7 wines (each pour is about 3-4 sips), and you get a wine glass to take home with you. You can also buy wine at a good discount, and a lot of wineries also have other items for sale, which is dangerous when combined with, shall we say, “aggressive” wine sampling. Fortunately though, other than a large bag of malted milk balls, I didn’t come home with much that I regretted purchasing. But at the time, we really needed those malted milk balls.

But now I’m back to reality and working on several projects. One is a pilot presentation, that is, a live stage version of a TV pilot, that a couple of friends from Second City wrote. I’m performing in that tomorrow night (Weds 10/14) at the Comedy Central stage in LA. The show is like Ghosthunters meets Reno 911. It’s a great cast and has been fun to work on. In addition to that, my improv group Catnip has written a musical, and we’ve been furiously rehearsing for our opening in a couple of weeks. It’s been a long time since I’ve rehearsed shows and memorized lines, but it’s been good to get back into it.

So if you’re in LA, come check out a show, won’t you?

  • Dave

    “The show is like Ghosthunters meets Reno 911.” We all just screwed up our faces trying to make sense of what that means … 😉

  • -dan

    Happy Belated :)


  • Bryan Deleon

    You are 100% awesome and I do hope you had the greatest birthday.
    Wine tasting is the best and the so worth it via the Bay Area.
    Anywho…I hope all is well and wish all the best.
    Hope to see you on the screen again soon.


  • Randy Parks

    Whatever your age, preffered burger joint, or face cream, you are absolutely gorgeous to my eyes.

    We love your work, Molly and would definitely like to see you more often on TV, or in the movies.


  • Bill

    I hope it is kind of a “Reno 911” take off of the Syfy channels “Ghost Hunters”, because that sounds too funny. We need a show like that now, there are too many serious ghost shows on TV. The other day I came across Sammy Hagar on “Celebrity Ghost Stories”, seriously how bad is your career going to have to go on this show.