First, thanks to everyone who leaves nice comments. I generally don’t reply to them, but I do appreciate them. Or occasionally fear them. But in a flattered way.

Second, it is with great joy that I announce that Chevy is using Cameo’s 1986 hit “Word Up” in one of their new commercials. Cameo, buy yourself something nice.

  •  Anonymous

    Dear Molly, I left you a nice comment but now I can’t find it. Perhaps I commented on the wrong poast. In any case, keep up the good work, except for the O’bama stuff.

    Your e-pal,


  •  Schmoopie

    Ah, Cameo. “Word Up” was a cool song but I don’t recommend watching the video. Singer Larry Blackmon wearing a codpiece makes the video memorable – in a scary way.

  • Ace

    What’s next? Rockwell?

    …somebody’s watching me…

  • phred3176

    Molly – always good to know that the folks at GM are so in touch with the world today….NOT

  • Matt

    I’m leaving a nice comment in the hopes that it will be ignored for long enough that the Chevy trucks of 20 years for now will somehow use it in their ad campaign.

    To do this, we must all work together to make this comment as popular as possible. BIG doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    Good luck to you, Ms. Erdman. Good luck to us all.

  • sannyclaus

    I sure have enjoyed your Sonic Commercials. The spot on According to Jim was wonderful. The clean image you present is what I like most about you.

  •  Real Woman of Genius

    My husband and I enjoy your Sonic commercials. My favorite is when you see your neighbors in the next lane and mime them to call you. And your Sonic hubby says you’ll never pick up the call. Priceless!

    Watching your commercials sparked a conversation about other ads that we like. I think the Yoplait commercial with the woman asking her dry cleaner to adjust her clothes after supposedly eating sugar treats is a riot. The clever word play is somewhat similar to the Rock Hudson and Doris Day movies of old.