Reduce, Reuse, Repackage

I spent the beginning of this week at a Sonic shoot in Phoenix. We stayed at a hotel that we always used to stay at, which was The James but is not The Mondrian. At The Mondrian, the entire staff wears all white and instead of “checking in” they say “register.” One thing that struck me there, other than the $10 a day internet which, when it was The James, was free, was the fact that right next to the card in the bathroom telling me I shouldn’t have my towels and sheets washed everyday because of all the water and energy it wastes, were not one but two bars of soap packaged inside what was essentially a thick CD case. Every day I used the soap, the case was discarded and a new bar of soap was put inside a new case. Well, it probably came that way already, but you get what I’m saying.

Along those lines, I’ve had to buy some light bulbs recently for my new apartment. I decided to buy the energy saver ones, only to find that each bulb is surrounded in a ridiculous amount of plastic packaging.

Let’s get it together, people.

  •  texan4life

    Great observations!

  • Tyson J.

    Well after a bit of Googling (actually two bits… one for Sonic commericials then one on Molly) I found the funny lady that cracks me up relentlessly. I am currently living in post-Katrina New Orleans and after almost three years, I can still use a great laugh. Thanks your talent and those great commercials. And after reading some of your blog (sorry I didn’t got three years back… it is Mardi Gras and I have a parade to catch) I really appreciate you sense of humor in all things including saving the world one towel and two hundred bars of soap at a time! Keep it up Molly!

  • Josiah

    I totally just bought some of those same light-bulbs, and yes, waay over-packaged. But my beloved WholeFoods is phasing out plastic bags this year…so, some progress I guess. Looking forward to “The Goods” if the edit room doesn’t get chop happy. Your blog owns ! cheers!

  • Spot

    Hey, another good reason to hate those damn CFLs. Why didn’t Spot think of that?

  • Ace

    Costco had 13-watt CFL 10 packs for $8.99 last weekend. Bought two packs on Sunday and spent the remainder of my day perched atop a rickety stepladder swapping out 60-watt power guzzlers all over my house. Good times…

  •  Anonymous

    If you get the Walmart generic brand of those energy saving light bulbs they are a little cheaper in price and use much less packaging, all recyclable paper. Also, in addition to just finding out who you are you are also of local origins, I am in Plano but I know the Lakewood area fairly well.

    Larry F.