(Relatively) Early Morning (For Me) Thoughts

Well, it’s 6:52 in the morning and I’m awake. Why? Because I don’t have to be. Isn’t that always the way? I’m leaving today for a Sonic shoot in Kansas City, but the one time I don’t leave at the crack of dawn for one of these trips, I’m up anyway. You’ve done it again, life! It’s ok; it’s been a long time since I’ve watched the Today show, and I need to make sure Ann Curry is still insane. And Meredith Viera is a Tufts alum, and we need to support each other. Is that how she spells her last name?

I’m also pretty sure this whole TB thing is ready to break – that’s probably keeping me up too.

Last week I was in my hometown of Dallas for some Sonic PR. There was a nationwide event last Thursday where all Sonics across the country gave away free root beer floats from 8pm to midnight. Brian and I did some radio and television appearances and recorded some weird thing for the Jack FM website (should be up in a week or two if you want to look for it), and then went to three Sonics, in theory to hand out root beer floats, but in reality to pose for cell phone pictures and sign napkins. Brian seemed to always be the first one to sign things, and he was writing verbose witty comments, leaving me intimidated to the point of signing the incredibly clever “Hi (name)! Thanks! Molly (smiley face)”

  • Ted

    And?!? I’d KILL for one of those napkins! :)

    Especially if you throw in one of those strawberry cheesecake shakes…

  • Clo

    Wow… too weird. Two weeks ago I had a dream that I was shooting a mattress commercial with Molly. (at the time I had no idea what her name was) Today, I decided to Google “The Sonic Girl.” Now I find out she was in my building last week!! (Jack FM) And I missed her!! Oh well, I’ll just have to continue to get a chuckle from the Sonic commercials. Anyway, congrats to Molly for the success of the commercials and her other endeavors. And…. not just because she’s very cute, she’s pretty funny too :)