Remind me of your name again

I’m listening to the “Free to be You and Me” soundtrack, which many children of the 70’s are familiar with. I don’t think I’ve heard it in nearly 20 years, but here I am singing along with Tom Smothers. I am constantly amazed by the things surviving in the deep recesses of my brain. I think I would give up remembering a commercial for the Franklin Mint that I memorized when I was in 6th grade if I could remember where I parked every night at Second City. Ironically, I can remember that when my dad and I went on a ski trip when I was around 12, we parked on C1 Level 2 at the airport. Now that I look at those two examples, I think they have in common that I insisted on repeating them both relentlessly because I thought it was funny; the commercial because it was on all the time and fairly dry in subject matter, and the airport parking area because my dad probably said something to the effect of “Don’t let me forget C1 Level 2.”

I know what you’re dying to hear/read right now, so for you, dear reader, let’s see how much of that commercial I remember…

The American dollar is easy
But if you want the Russian ruble, or Japan’s 500 yen, or Seychelles’ 10 rupees,
You could either travel the world
Or telephone the Franklin Mint for coin sets of all nations
The Franklin Mint has done it for you
Working with state banks and government officials of over 100 countries
To bring you the ultimate collection in modern world coinage
Each coin mint fresh
Each coin sealed in its own cache
Each cache individually stamped and date cancelled in the issuing country
Four handsome hardbound cases accompany the collection at no added charge

…And then a bunch of payment information. I know paying by COD was an option. Ah, the good ol’ days. I’m still not really sure what “stamped and date cancelled” means. Guess I should have ordered it. I know I love things that are “mint fresh” though…like toothpaste.

Now see, I would gladly release this commercial from my brain if I could, for example, remember the rules to card games for more than 48 hours after I learn them.

  • Rance Rizzutto

    I can never remember if my mother’s birthday is on 9/7 or 9/8 (or 9/9…it’s one of those three). I CAN remember all of the C-3P0 lyrics from the MECO Ewok Celebration that I memorized in 6th grade…6th grade…12…pretty much the same time. I wonder if people just lock in memories better during puberty. Someone should ask science about this.