Reunion song wagerers, prepare to be disappointed. Apparently the show blew its entire song rights budget on the first episode; “1987” featured only two recognizable hits of the era: REM’s “The One I Love” and Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” Let’s get one thing straight: this show is awful. I’m actually afraid it might be terrible beyond the fun kind of terrible. None of the 6 main characters are likeable, and the dialogue and forced foreshadowing are straight out of a high school playwrighting class. Here’s a paraphrased sample from the end of this week’s show (keeping in mind that the whole premise is that 20 years later one of them is dead and one is the murderer): “Do you ever think about how the decisions we make today could affect us 20 years from now?” To which the other person responds: “I can’t even imagine 20 years from now. I might be dead!” Jackpot!

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