RSS Feeds

I’ve gotten requests for an RSS feed from more than one person. If someone can tell me how to do it, I will. I tried to figure it out once and, while I don’t normally consider myself to be a complete tech idiot, that’s certainly what I felt like. So I’m eagerly awaiting assistance.

In other news, I now have a commercial agent! But until I get the digital files of some new headshots, I won’t be going out on an auditions. So many things to get in the way of real progress…

  • Paulie

    You should be able to do it from your blogger settings… Settings tab -> Site Feed. Select either Full or Short. I have mine set to full.

    Congrats on the agent!! Did you mean that you need digital images created of hard copy pics? Or, you don’t have the headshot images, period?

  •  sabowling

    Congrats. I predict big things for you, but then again, I don’t know anything.