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I just read a blurb on that women who visit hair salons have a higher risk of stroke. I figured it must be something related to the chemicals used in salon, and since I don’t intend to start cutting my own hair I clicked to read the full story. Turns out, it’s actually tilting your head back to far in the shampoo bowl that could lead to a stroke. I mean, it’s rare, the story goes on to say. Like not as common as having a stroke during a chiropractic adjustment. Which is still really rare. But the salon thing is even more rare. Ok, like, it happened to this one lady.

I’m paraphrasing, of course.

I’ve been feeling recently that I’m not as in touch with the news as I used to be. Stories like this make me not miss it.

  •  Hipster doofus

    So thats why Brittany Spears shaved her head – it was for health reasons.

  • EJEvo

    It’s comforting to know the sassy Sonic girl is chagrined by that dopey CNN story, too. Everything has risk. What now, are we supposed to walk around and make sure we don’t tilt or move our head in order to keep our neck still? Ugh.

  • superdave247

    molly, this just in…breaking news as is now reporting that “stroke” may be the leading cause of “stroke” in the U.S. film at 11.

  •  Chidester

    Nice Gary Gnu reference.


    PS – I love you.
    PPS – I have some pesto pizza for you.
    PPPS – I love pesto pizza.

  •  Anonymous

    Dearest Molly, You have not updated your blog since Saturday. I’m sure you know this but I thought I would mention it anyway.

    Also, we are having membership drive over at (Bob)

    Some of the bob’s think you would be a good member. There is a thread about you and the Sonics.

    Your pal,


  • Becky..AMHW

    I used to work at this beauty supply. They had an antique electric perm machine on display that we used to play around with when we were bored. Seriously sado-masochistic looking.

    I blame that for my missing brain cells, not the wash sink.

    I do, however, have amazing anchorwoman hair.

  • Buzz Calhoun

    I found you. Wait, that sounds creepy, especially since I’m no stalker freak.

    For many months now I have been commenting on the beautiful actress on the Sonic commercials and wondering just who you were, and finally an astute listener clued me in and I found your blog.

    Now what? What exactly do you say once you know the person you have secretly wanted to yak with could be at the other end of your post? This same phenomenon happened to me when I finally got an e-mail through to Stephen Huvane, publicist to Helen Hunt, who had been #1 on my Top 10 list since the late 70’s.

    So, I’ll say this. Love your acting. Bummer about Britney “Train Wreck” Spears sidstepping your chance to be on HIMYM!

    I tried to have a blog before but figured I really didn’t have that much to say, but now they gave me one at work so I put up some musings and mostly links and clips from time to time. You are welcome to drop by and see what you think.

    Anyway, just thought I would write. If I lived in LA, you were available, and I looked like Brad Pitt, I would obviously be trying very hard to score a dinner date with you. Keep smiling, and never let me see the word “old” come from your keyboard again when referencing yourself. Shame on you!

    Reach out if you want.

  • Aaron

    nice work, buzz. now she’ll shut this down. really.. way to go.

  • Buzz Calhoun

    Oh dear lord, come on Aaron, just because I said Hi?

    All I did was post a friendly comment. For pete’s sake.

    Pardon me while I leave now.

  •  Anonymous

    aaron = tool

  •  SuperDanner

    Ha ha ha… I read this too! The woman called the doctor and explained her stroke symptoms and the doctor was like, “Hmm, have you recently been to the salon?” So it must not be too rare!

  • erostt

    Dear Molly,
    After seeing you again tonight on your commercials…I thought I would search for you on the internet.
    I’m really glad I found this.
    I think you are really terrific and adorable on those Sonic spots.

    Just wanted you to know……..

  • Dave

    I shave my head (nature not nurture – I’m not appearing on How I Met Your Mother :P), but I can say that, given the opportunity, I’d gladly take the stroke risk — the hot water, the head massage.. awesome!

    Without hair, I guess one would have to pay a lot more to get that kind of treatment.

  • King Vernon

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