Short and boring!

I don’t have anything major to report, but it’s been awhile and I feel like I’m neglecting my duties here. So…how about the tomato salmonella outbreak, huh?

I had three celebrity encounters this week: doing Armando at iO with Drew Carey, sitting on a couch while Andy Samberg ate middle eastern food at the kitchen counter, and seeing Adrien Grenier at a neighborhood restaurant. Hollywood!

So, it looks like Killer (the Hillary video/scene) has finally met its expiration date. It was a good run – one that lasted much longer than anyone expected to, I think. Thanks for all the kind words about the video.

  • The Adverb Ninja

    I was sure when I saw the title that this blog was going to be about Mel Gibson.

  •  Hamburglar

    Its the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

  •  roger corman

    Hey! Thats my line!

  • Becky..AMHW

    Drew Carey? I have such a crush on him. A big cuddly crush.

    I’m relieved it’s a minute past noon and I can start drinking to dull my throbbing jealousy.