Show News

We now have an opening date and a title.

“War! Now in its 4th Smash Year!” will open on Sunday, July 2. Yeah!

Just short of 5 weeks to go and we’re feeling good. We have plenty of material; now it’s a matter of figuring out what we still need. Today we brought in physical group scenes, which is an area where we’re a little light. We’re working on a big song that will most likely serve as an opener, closer, runner, or all three. Spirits are still high and everyone seems to still be having fun. I do admit that yesterday (Monday) I really wished we had 2 days off in stead of just one. I feel like Monday is my one day to actually relax but also buckle down and get some writing/brainstorming done, and it’s pretty much impossible to do both. But now that the end is in sight I can push through.

And on a more shallow note, I’m really glad we’re opening early enough to leave 2/3 of the summer free. We earn our summers in Chicago, and I’d hate to spend too much of it in a freezing cold theatre.

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