Sieben day cruise

That’s German for seven day cruise. Yeah I know, a lot like English. Uh huh.

It’s a new and different cruise this time around, but the good ol’ Reading and Writing room on deck 12, where I usually fulfill my online needs, remains the same. People reading, sleeping, snoring, or just sitting.

Yesterday Kevin, Joe, and I met up with our friend Liz in New York. We had brunch and then went to see the Gates in Central Park. I’m posting a photo.

There are somewhere around 800 kids on board this week. That increases the total number of passengers too, since most of these kids are in cabins with their parents. It definitely feels like there are more people waling around, but then again, this is our first sea day and it’s cloudy and cool out, so everyone’s more or less confined. I did see a new sight last night around 11:30 when I went in Spinnaker and actually saw a full dance floor. Of people dancing! Dancing!

We have rehearsal shortly and our shows tonight. Because the 7-day cruises pack a lot of activity into a shorter amount of time, everything has to run much tighter than on the 10 and 11-day runs. Our first show needs to be no longer than 50 minutes tonight, so we’re cutting one of our improv games. But for the second show, we’re putting it back in and we still get to do our improv set afterwards.

Wednesday at midnight we’re going to do a crew show. Most crew aren’t allowed to see shows in the theatre, so this is a wasy for them to see our show and just have some fun. There’s a Crew Welfare Committee that orchestrates events like this, as well as the crew parties we’ve been to in the past. We’re looking forward to it, but I think we’re more nervous about it than our regular shows since this audience won’t go home at the end of the week. So we hope they like it.

Our new itinerary is as follows:
Sunday: Leave New York
Monday: Sea day
Tuesday: Port Canaveral, Florida
Wednesday: Miami
Thursday: Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas (Norwegian’s private island)
Friday: Nassau, Bahamas
Saturday: Sea day
Sunday: Arrive in New York…leave again

I think time is going to pass really quickly now. It’s hard to belive we’re almost half way done.

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