Simple. Really.

If you happen to have the June issue of Real Simple magazine lying around, flip to page 142 and you can read a couple of my quips about what to do when people invade your space. Now my secrets are out.

It’s my day off (Monday), and I’m trying to write lyrics for a cast song we’re working on. I think my brain is fried, or is aware it’s a national holiday and refuses to work. On Wednesday some of the cast is going on a “research lunch” to Benihana. Hopefully what we’re researching will make it into the show, but if not at least we’ll have enjoyed some entertaining Asian cuisine.

Rich and I have just discovered something very dangerous nearby: a take-out pizza place that has large 1-topping pizzas ready to pick up immediately for $5. We’ve had it twice this weekend. It’s not the best pizza in town, but it’s definitely $5 good. I’d tell you the name but I’m saving it for when Real Simple calls to ask me to contribute to their next story “Things I do to Sabotage My Health.” Watch for it!

  • Mike

    GreenCo went as a cast to a Benihana-esque steakhouse on the road once and tried no fewer than five versions of a sketch based on our experience in the subsequent months and never got anything workable out of it.

    I have the utmost faith that you and your cast will find jokes-a-plenty where we found only frustration and tears.
    So many tears…

  • Molly Erdman

    I feel your pain, Mike. In redeco Craig Uhlir and I kept trying one too to no avail. If this one works, I will dedicate it to the memory of those who have fallen in the quest for the Benihana Scene.