Los Angeles got its first rain in 4 or 5 months this past week, and usual, judging from the local news you would think the apocalypse was coming. But somehow LA has survived and we’re in the midst of a 90-degree heat wave.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but LA’s local news is laughably terrible. Cheap looking studios, horrible banter even by local-news-banter-standards, and absolutely no focus on national or international events. And how better to demonstrate this point than by recounting the following news-watching incident from earlier this year.

Top Story: A bear is sighted in the foothills of LA. We see interviews with residents of the bear area, each one with their name appearing on the screen below them and the caption “Saw Bear.” Each one told us amazing tales like, “Well, the bear came into our yard, took a drink from our pool, and then wandered away.” After 4 or 5 such harrowing eyewitness accounts, we are informed that “Bear sightings are a common occurrence in this area.”

Second Story: A house fire in some far outstretch of the city. No one was injured.

Third Story: General Motors declares bankruptcy.


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