Something everyone should be worrying about

I’m getting a little concerned about who is going to replace Bob Barker on The Price is Right when he retires later this year. I used to think that the show would end when he left. One of the things that fascinates me about the show is the fact that it has made virtually no technological improvements in the 30 years I’ve watched it. Bob still uses that long skinny microphone with a long cord attached, and I’d like to think that one day he was offered a new, cordless mic and he refused. The fact that “Barker’s Beauties” still exist is proof that political correctness hasn’t completely brainwashed our society, and I think it allowed the folks at Deal or No Deal to figure it would be pretty ok to have 25 or however many identically dressed models holding briefcases.

Anyway, I’ve heard that Rosie O’Donnell is gunning for the TPIR job, and even has something in her View contract to let her take the job if she gets it. That would be horrible. There just aren’t a lot of the old-school type game show hosts left. That being said, my vote goes to Tom Bergeron. I think he’s a decent host and already has a public following. Well, following may be the wrong word, but people know who he is. I don’t think anyone is tuning into any of the shows he hosts because they’re following his career. But that’s the challenge of a good host I think – not being oppressive and letting the game be the main event, but still having enough of your personality come through that people like me worry about what will happen to your show when you leave.

  • Rich

    Yep, it’s gotta be Bergeron. He’s accessible without being too smarmy and he seems like he’d be a decent guy to hang around with. He gets my vote, too. If O’Donnell gets the job I may have to boycott CBS entirely. You hear that, Probst?

  • Rance Rizzutto

    I’ll not have the two of you trying to sabotage the best show in the world…AFV. You leave Tom Bergeron alone! (unless you’re trying to sabotage Dancing with the Stars…then it’s cool by me)