Sonic Day 1

Greetings from Denver. I just got into town today for a Sonic shoot, our first one since the end of April. That’s not really a long time, but considering we did four shoots between January and April, it seems like it’s been forever.

I landed at the airport and found one of the PA’s and my Sonic husband, Brian. Our hotel is the oldest one in Denver and allegedly haunted. That’s all I need. The best part is that my room key in on a key chain that looks like a Christmas ornament with a 6-inch tassle hanging off of it. In fact, that’s probably what it is. But not the fragile, light kind of ornament; I think it’s either wood painted silver, or some sort of weird alloy. I’ll get to the bottom of this, believe me.

So far, I’ll say this of the hotel: the TV is excellent. In two minutes of flipping through channels, I saw two spanish soap operas, Family Feud in spanish, a local access show called “Sports Guys,” which was two unlikely sports fan sitting at a table on an otherwise bare set (one of them looked like the filmmaker in “American Movie,” if that helps with the image), and a commercial for a mattress featuring a testimonial by a woman who shares my relatively uncommon last name.

Tomorrow we will be doing spots for (and eating) breakfast sandwiches featuring egg, cheese, and my choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, as well as a new chicken sandwich. More on that later. For now, I’m going out to dinner.

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