Spoiler Alert (Contains No Spoilers)

I hate the local news in LA. I think it is among the worst in the country, and I’ve seen lots local news in places like Lima, Ohio. Yesterday I hated it even more because not once but twice I had to go diving for my remote as they began to, without warning, give results from that day’s Olympic events which had not yet aired. Now I realize I was watching ABC and the Olympics are on NBC and why would ABC want be watching another network, but really?

As of 3 minutes ago, I also hate the LA Times, at least online. As I enjoyed a bowl of Fiber One (try it, it’s actually pretty good!) and visited various news sites this morning, I went to and was alerted, through the headline and a large color photo, of the recent women’s gymnastics results. Granted it must be a slow news day, since’s main story was a re-telling of how John McCain became a POW. Sorry that whole Hurricane Fay thing didn’t pan out, newsfolk; looks like you’re struggling a bit to find something to talk about today.

  • mcm

    I just hate local TV news. I think Jon Stewart put it best:

    “They’re always like, ‘A very tragic story, truly heartbreaking. And up next… we’ve got a dog, and you won’t BELIEVE how much he likes ice cream!'”

  •  Milt

    The News Business doesn’t exist any more in the US. It’s now just the Entertainment Business’s stepchild.

    Why else would BBC News be so popular in the US?

  •  marcia marcia marcia

    The 24-hour news cycle keeps you as regular as the Fiber One.

  • Kelli

    Hi, I just found your site. I love your commercials and was trying to find out what else you had been in… you look so familiar. Anyway… I was scrolling through a few previous posts and came across the mention of Lima, Ohio. My hometown. Which I find hilarious that anyone would know of it. And I totally understand what you meant using it in your description. :) Keep up the good work.

  • Raphe

    I just found your site. I think the problem with the news is that it is on every night. The news one day could be hurricane Katrina and another could be Brittney Spears breaking a fingernail. Run the news on the bottom of the screen and put some quality shows on the air!