Staring at the walls

DirectTV, I’m not mad at you, but I am very disappointed. A year ago you saved us from our Comcast-plagued life, and we came to know you and love you. When we looked for a new place to live, we made sure we could bring you with us. Maybe we should have asked you if you still wanted to be with us…is that what this is about? Did we take your feelings for granted?

Two days after we moved in, we had a DirectTV appointment in which the installer realized that he was not prepared for what needed to be done in our new place. He needed to bring a ladder. So we rescheduled for the next available time…one week later. Yesterday. A different guy showed up, with a ladder but not the equipment he needed. And without white cable, which Rich had called and requested. So now we’ve had to schedule a third appointment, but fortunately those DirectTV folks were nice enough to give us the next available appointment…in two weeks. I guess if there’s any good time to go without television – which there isn’t, and don’t try to tell me otherwise – it’s now, with my rehearsals taking up much of my time, but I really hate it because I just feel out of the loop. I already missed Sunday night’s presentation of “Vampire Bats,” and now I’m also going to miss “Category 7: the End of the World,” which is a shame because I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s “Category 6: Day of Destruction” starring Brian Dennehy, Nancy McKeon, and the guy who played Greg in “Dharma and Greg.” The most destructive thing about that movie was the fact that Nancy McKeon pronounced the word “vulnerable” as “vunerable.” And when you’re talking about a major storm hitting a big city, everything is vunerable!!!

But in more productive news, the mainstage show is coming along nicely. We have, as of Wednesday night, 4 big scenes in and a few shorter ones. The second act is still almost entirely intact, but the first act looks very different from a week ago. Our improv sets have been going pretty well, and it looks like there are a couple more scenes that will be ready to go in the show by the end of the week.

I’m getting a little nervous because I’ll be missing three days of rehearsals and shows in a couple of weeks when I go to Phoenix for a Sonic shoot. I don’t necessarily think I’m going to get written out of the show during my absence, but I do feel as though I need to assert myself a bit more in the time leading up to then so that I feel ok about leaving.

Well, off to go listen to the radio!

  •  Ray Romano

    At least you’ll miss that “The Engagement Ring” movie coming up on TNT.