Still Standing

It’s been awhile, and for that I apologize. I have a feeling this blog may turn into an account of my celebrity dealings, so I’ll start with this week’s highlights. Monday night I was a panelist in The Improv Match Game, as I am every week. Rich and Peter Gwinn had created this show, based on the 70’s game show, a few years back, and Rich revived it just before I left for the cruise. It’s fun. Come see it. Anyway, this week’s guest panelists certainly gave me cause for concern: Tim Kazurinsky and Dave Pasquesi. Both Second City alums, both of various movies and general comedy fame. I had met both of them before, and to my delight and surprise, they either remembered me or chose to make me think they did. Either is fine. The show was a lot of fun; I sat next to Dave and he and I made jokes to each other, and I didn’t pass out. So I consider that a success.

Later in the week, the wife of Illinois Senator Barak Obama was in the Mainstage audience. This may not seem terribly significant if you haven’t seen the show, but Claudia Wallace does a song about how much she likes Barak Obama – politically and slightly lustfully. Apparently Mrs. Obama thought the song was great and called her husband at intermission to tell him about it. She met Claudia after the show and said she was going to bring him back to see it.

In other news, I got a new cell phone, which so far is working out very well.

Have a good week, everybody.

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