Stop it

Something about our current show makes audiences groan. Not like groaning at a pun, but more like “oooooh, that could be interpreted as offensive by someone with no sense of humor” groaning. I don’t know why people do it – some sort of status thing that lets us know they disapprove or think they should disapprove? Whatever it is, it is extremely annoying.

My castmate Brian had his last show last night (Wednesday). I am very sad to see him go, since he was the only remaining cast member who’d been here since I started. Now I’m the senior member of the cast, and I demand respect. Come on.

  • mcm

    Oh, that is sad indeed! I gotta say, he was probably Marc’s and my favorite non-Molly cast member. We still turn to each other somewhat regularly to say, “You’re getting all huffy like a gay.” Needless to say, though, it is not as funny as when he did it.