Talking about the weather

There is a meteorologist on channel 7 here names Dallas Raines. And he has exactly the hair you’d think someone with that name would have.

It was nearly 80 degrees here today. There’s a blizzard in Chicago. I win.

  •  randomfan

    Dallas Raines….very nice. I once new a guy named Stormy Weatherly, but he wasn’t a meteorologist. I’m not sure how he missed out on that one.

  •  Pizza_Entrepreneur

    There was a little blond fluff who called herself Stormee that worked for a local TV station here in Fayetteville, AR for exactly 2 broadcasts.
    BTW….The commercials are a lot funnier when you get the punchlines.
    He’s good, but he just looks the part of the straight man.

  • Crystal

    okay i have looked everywhere, and now i have to stoop to this…

    Molly, i have tried my hardest to find an email address to contact you at, but this is the best/creepiest way of going about it.

    is there anyway to contact you or you could email me…

    I have a really random thing to ask….


  •  Melissa

    Just wanted to say I LOVE your Sonic commercials. I just saw a new one tonight and my husband and I laughed so hard! My kids love them too. Just so you know, we are in Texas and we see them all the time here! We will definitely be watching for your According to Jim episode. :)


  •  jim

    “There’s a blizzard in Chicago. I win.”

    Why are girls always so competitive?

  •  traditional sonic husband

    Quit hatin’ on Dallas.
    We ain’t so bad, ya’ll.