Technical Foul

There is a commercial running right now for a digital camera that has the ground-breaking technology to let you know when someone in the picture you’ve just taken has their eyes closed. After you take the picture, a caption come across the screen saying “One or more subjects may have closed their eyes.” That’s right, it says that over the picture, where most likely it is clearly evident that someone has their eyes closed, that someone has their eyes closed. Maybe. Thank you for that worthless bit of technology.

  •  Anonymous

    I agree. If people aren’t posing for the camera, their eyes will appear closed half of the time anyway. Try watching TV for ten seconds and you can see for yourself.

  • http://www.superficialgallery.comrel=nofollow Acadia

    My camera has a thing that pops up just before I take the picture that says: “You should not be outside this person’s window.”

    Stupid goody two shoes camera.

  • Ace

    Wait…are you called Ashton Kutcher stupid?

  • Ethan

    How about a camera that only takes pictures of things worth looking at? Now that is advanced technology!