My TV abstinence experiment failed. Actually, it didn’t fail, but it was cut short. Monday through Wednesday I didn’t watch TV at all, even when I was in a hotel room in Phoenix Wednesday night. Do you know how hard that is? It’s hard. But last night (Thursday), I got home from my Sonic shoot and felt that I deserved a little unwind time. Because during those 3 days of no TV, I actually did get a lot done. It happened to be a busy week so I didn’t have that much downtime anyway, but I did find myself using that downtime much more productively.

So what will I take from my ground-breaking 3 days? It made me realize how much I watch TV just as a default. Like unless something else lures me away, that’s what I do. What I’d like to do is reverse that so that I watch TV when I’ve done everything else, or at the very least to just watch what I really enjoy watching and not just sit there mindlessly looking for anything that marginally interests me.

This is all in theory of course. As I type this, the soothing sounds of some TV show I don’t care about fill the room.

  •  Anonymous

    Molly! You were in Phoenix and you didn’t give me a call? Uh, well my wife probably wouldn’t like that…but hey I’m a big fan of yours!

  • JarednSC

    First reply here although I became a fan watching your Sonic commercials (you hot minivan riding soccer mom actress type you!) and have been stal… I mean, following your blog here for some time.

    Whew! and now for my comment ~

    I wondered how you were going to get past Thursday night football. Now I know that you didn’t. Good for you!

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    I don’t know, Molly … it seems to me that if you watched any video playback during the Sonic shoot, you were watching TV. And only commercials, too! 😉

  •  Toll


    I’m curious. Tell us what profession you would choose if acting were, for some reason, foreclosed to you.

  •  the other boleyn girl


    You’re watching tv by default? Me thinks an intervention for your tv watching is in order. Lock the doors and throw the tube out the window!

  • Ace

    Hey Mols,

    Do you need some good restaurant tips for the next time you’re in Phoenix? Try Barrio Cafe for some excellent gourmet Mexican, or Fuego Bistro for latin fusion.

  • Joey

    Tried the same thing and attempted to replace the TV time with reading. Then I realized that I’m still wasting time. Haha! Kudos for the attempt!

    Do you drink carbonated drinks? If you do, have you tried a stint without those? Man, that’s so difficult. I think I made it a couple days.

    What’s next?

  •  Anonymous

    I didn’t read your post.

    But will you marry me anyway?

  • Gary

    Just came across your Blog after finally realizing that you were the one that did the Sonic Commercials. I am curious as to what your favorite TV shows or channels are?

  • http://www.backtothefridge.comrel=nofollow Charlie Hills

    If you need an alternative to television, I’m sure there’s a good book out there that could use a readin’. :)

  • Dark Knight

    You made it 3 days. You my lady are my hero. I confess this as I have my TV here in my office muted but on…and the TV in downstairs on MSNBC or CNN I don’t recall.

    Did you like TIVO all the good stuff you missed?


  • James

    You know, I think I may keep the TV on in the evenings more for the noise than anything. I live alone, so there’s something comforting about having it on when I’m running around my apartment doing other things. I don’t watch much TV, but it’s on all the time…

  •  Anonymous

    I love your commercials. You are very attractive.