That new site smell

Greetings and thanks for your patience during the renovation. Thanks too for the positive feedback on the site – I couldn’t be happier with it!

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in Burbank, where I am in between a meeting with Kevin, who designed my site, and Megan, with whom I am in the process of writing a sitcom pilot. I’m also wearing a fashionable scarf like the cool kids are wearing these days. The only thing keeping me from being 100% LA awesome right now is my intense fidgeting because I really have to use the bathroom but don’t want to give up my table or leave my valuables unattended.

I used to be someone who never understood why whenever I went into a Starbucks or wherever there would be a sea of people on laptops. I wondered why anyone would bother lugging their laptop to sit in a crowded coffee shop, especially one without WiFi. But a few months ago, as I stared at my email inbox at a friend’s screenplay that I had persistently put off reading, I decided to pack up and go to my neighborhood coffee shop and read it there. No distractions, no internet, no going back and forth to the fridge for “just one more” piece of string cheese. I was done reading in 30 minutes, and had discovered an important tool in improving my work ethic.

So now I sit here with a laptop and latte like everyone else, working on the next big project, and now fully prepared to give up my table in favor of darting off to the bathroom.

  • estelle costanza

    Where’s your shopping page? I want Molly E t-shirts, bumper stickers, tote bags and stuff.

  • Patrick

    I would also like to see some merchandising links :-), but for now I’d settle for an RSS link.

  • Becky..Absent Minded Housewife

    This is all very impressive. Your lipstick matches your navigation bar! Awesome!