The 8th Day of the Week

So what happens when you have an extra day at sea that no one had planned on? 61 people got off in Charleston yesterday and got home on their own; hopefully everyone else has the attitude that their vacation just got extended by a day. Fortunately, it was gorgeous in Charleston when we got there around 3:30 yesterday. People were allowed to get off for a little while, but we chose not to just because it was a short window and it was night time by then, and we had no idea where we would go. Plus, it was nice being on the ship and not having to hold on to things to walk around.

We left just after midnight, and are supposed to get to New York at noon tomorrow (Monday). Beth, our producer at Second City, was helpful and got Rich’s and Amy’s (Andy’s girlfriend) flights moved to Monday, so hopefully all will be ok. With any luck, the passengers boarding tomorrow will be understanding and not too irate that their cruise is a day shorter now.

So to get back to the initial question…tonight Paul the Cruise Director, Mike the Asst. Cruise Director, Ed Alonze the Comedy Magician (of Saved by the Bell fame), Edge the Comedy Juggler, and our cast will do a big “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” show in the theatre. I think it’ll be a lot of fun, and it’s something I’m glad we get to take part in because I think the passengers will really enjoy it and appreciate it. They’ve been through a lot of crap this week, frankly, and I’d love to give them a great show to leave with.

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