The Dangling Blog Entry

It’s happening. Tomorrow (Sunday, Oct. 7) sometime in the 11am to noon hour, I will set off in my tightly-packed Ford Focus to Los Angeles.

I’m not good at saying goodbye to people or places

…So much so that that’s as far as I got on that entry, on my last night in Chicago. It’s now almost a week later, and I am sitting in my apartment in LA. Or at least my apartment for now. I’m subletting from former Chicagoan Craig Cackowski as he hits the high seas NCL-style until the end of January.

I have a feeling I’ll have a lot more time for keeping up with this blog in the days/weeks/months to come. For now I’m trying to get adjusted without freaking out. My Tivo is gathering programming info as I type this, so hopefully before too long I’ll at least have that comfort of home. It’s kind of weird living in someone else’s apartment, trying to make it my own without disrupting things.

Things I miss about Chicago (so far):
Driving towards downtown on Lakeshore Drive
Knowing where I am

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