The future is now

So Roy Scheider died. Some may think of him first from his work in Jaws, or, what was that TV show, Seaquest? But I will always remember him for his work in the sci-fi sequel 2010. I saw it when I was in 5th grade, with my mom and my friend Beth. I always enjoyed space stuff in school, and this movie really fascinated me. I then rented 2001, but let’s face it, that’s no movie for a middle-schooler. I have a hard time figuring out if 2010 is really a terrible movie or not – I’ve re-watched it recent years and still loved it. And it has a great cast: the late Roy Scheider of course, John Lithgow, Bob Balaban, and Helen Mirren to name a few. And that one guy who plays a Russian in any movie calling for a Russian.

The full name of 2010 was 2010: The Year We Make Contact. And of course 2001 was 2001: A Space Odyssey. When I was in 6th grade I wrote a highly under-appreciated parody called 2020: The Year We See Better. And yes, there was a part for Roy Scheider in it.

  • Matt

    Hi, Molly, I just stumbled upon your blog the other day. It’s nice to play virtual catchup.

    Your post is seriously spooky because your reaction is almost identical to my own. Being a sci-fi nerd in middle school, I had read 2001 and 2010 and, when I found out the movie of 2010 was coming out, convinced my family to go see it with me. I loved the moment when they realize the monoliths are using Jupiter’s atmosphere to condense Jupiter into a miniature sun, evolving Europan life. Unfortunately, none of the rest of my family had the back story, so the shot of monoliths clustered together like some sort of cosmic traffic jam just confused them. They walked out with a very different perspective.

    Later, when I watched “Jaws,” I said, “Hey, that’s the actor who was in 2010: The Year We Make Contact.” Nobody took me seriously for years after that.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

  • Curtis

    Love your commercials! I belly laugh every time I see them. I think because I’m married, they’re even funnier (in a dark comedy married-with-children sort of way). Enjoy each step on your way to big things–it’s obvious your talent is taking you there.

  • Josiah

    Hey Molly… The Roy Scheider news makes me sad a bit. He sat next to my Mom at a play once at the college he attended in Penna. where my Mom was then teaching at the time (Franklin and Marshall). That and Jaws are kinda’ all I know about him tho’. Is it totally lame that it took me, literally, like five seconds to get the title of your grade school parody. Yikes on the slow guy. ANYWAY…time for a Kubrick DVD now… cheers !

  • Ace


    For the “Who died last year?” clip montage at the Oscars, how much applause will Roy Scheider get in relation to Heath Ledger?

  • Rich

    You’re gonna need a bigger blog.

  • Rance Rizzutto

    I’m disappointed at the lack of Blue Thunder memories.

  •  Anonymous

    2010 is a cheesy action flick next to kubrick’s masterpiece.

    (sorry but it had to be said)

  •  Anonymous

    I wrote the same parody, only with a slightly different title. Mine was 2020: The Year We See the Writing On The Wall. It was ahead of it’s time and not to well received. Optometrist humor will have it’s day. I think Family Guy has a bit that blows the roof off of the subject.

  •  Bryce

    Couldn’t agree more. I must’ve watched that flick a million times when I was a kid. I could never make it through 2001 though… I’d always fall asleep half way through. That’s the effect a cinematic “masterpiece” will have on an 8 year old kid. Oh, by the way… 2010, directed by Peter Hyams which is the director of another classic 70’s/conspiracy flick – “The Capricorn One”. It’s about a fake Mars landing, the insuing government cover-up, and a kick ass dramatic performance by O.J. Simpson.