The hunt is over

Where have I been? Is anyone still reading this? Well, here’s a short catch-up on the past week, which was fairly eventful.

On Tuesday we began mainstage rehearsals. Our process for the week was to improvise in rehearsal, discuss some scene ideas from the improv or elsewhere, and then improvise those ideas in the set that night. There are some pretty good scenes being formed, and I’m going to guess that by Thursday we might have a new scene or two in the show. Just a guess though.

On Wednesday, Rich and I closed on our new condo. I realize I have said nothing about our 2-month search for a place or anything having to do with this process, and my only excuse is that I didn’t want to jinx anything. A few years ago, we bought a place only to have it fall through weeks before we were supposed to move in, so I decided to just keep my mouth shut about it this time. It seems to have worked out ok, as right now I am sitting on the couch in my new living room, amid dozens of boxes, wheezing from days of exposure to dust and cleaning products. But it feels great.

So this past week involved two highly anticipated events, and I found that the best way to stay calm when I started to freak out about one was to focus on the other.

Right now I’m listening to the radio, and Aerosmith’s “What it Takes” is playing. This song reminds me of a very specific moment during my last year of summer camp, when a guys named Craig from our brother cabin was standing in the middle of our cabin singing that song. I’m going back on forth on whether the actual song was playing and he was singing along with it, or he was performing solo. I think it was all him. The other thing I remember about this guy Craig is that, despite my upbringing in Texas, he was the first person I met who uttered the phrase to me “I’m going hunting this weekend.”

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