The least I can do

No wait, I’m still here! I’m in Vegas for Sonic once again, which seems to always get me in the mood to write. Maybe because there are fewer distractions…at least in my hotel room. Vegas itself has many more distractions.

I’m about to embark on a resolution, and like any resolution the failure odds are high. Let’s call it an experiment instead of a resolution. For the next week, I’m going to write something here every day. It might not be much, but maybe it will help me get back in the habit. Like Whoopi Goldberg.

Last weekend I went to Albany to visit my best friend Heidi, her husband David who is also a friend of mine from college, and their two very young children, ages 8 months (Graham) and almost 3 years (Oliver). Now I happen to know that Heidi has been known to read my blog, so there could possibly be a slight bias to what I’m saying, but it was really great to have a mini-vacation that was so completely different from my usual life back in Chicago. I went to bed and woke up relatively early (though I feel guilty saying I got up early, since Heidi and David were up at 5 or 6 every morning. But I did say relatively). I ate home-cooked meals. We made cookies from scratch. I read stories out loud. We went to a farm and cut down a Christmas tree, or rather the proprietor cut it down while we helped ourselves to cookies, hot chocolate, and cider. I got to witness the first 3 days of Graham’s crawling career. Oliver drew me a picture that I now have on my fridge. I made a house out of blocks for a stuffed animal.

However delightful this may have been for me, I can appreciate that I got to come in and live 3 days of that life. I’m truly in awe of the energy and patience it takes to raise one child, let alone 2 under the age of 3. So the next time I get cranky about doing 2 shows on a Saturday night or having to get up at 10 for an audition, well, I’ll probably still get cranky, but I’ll feel bad about it. I worry that sometimes I’ve become truly lazy in my current lifestyle. I used to work 9 to 5 and then have 2-3 rehearsals and 2-3 shows every week. And I didn’t even have Tivo then.

So I have to keep writing here, or else I am unforgivably lazy. I owe it to the children.

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