The Mayans would be proud

You’re in luck! The next episode of “Reunion” isn’t until September 22, so you still have almost a week to guess what songs will appear.

*(Predictable) Spoiler Alert*

Today I watched my Tivo’d season premier of “Survivor: Guatamala.” Now, I have watched every Survivor since the very first season…except for the most recent one set in Palau. This first episode’s twist was that two former Survivor contestants were going to join the tribes. Who could it be? Richard Hatch? Rupert? The guy who fell in the fire? Nope, two people from the last season, the one I didn’t see. Great. This means nothing to me. Anyway, it was pretty much a typical first episode: people sizing up each other based on very little, convoluted challenges, the old guy getting voted out, etc. Of course I’ll keep watching. I’m not really committing to a full review of this because it’s not a new show and really, what can you say about Survivor at this point that hasn’t been said? If I think of anything, I’ll let you know. Oh hey, here’s something. Is it just me or does it look like Jeff Probst might have a box or two of Just For Men stashed away in his Guatamala hotel room? “You’ll look so natural, no one can tell…”

  •  Anonymous

    OH man ! I miss Survivor ! Please blog some occasional updates for Melewski as I type to you from your old portholed room !