The Second City turns 50

As you may know, this weekend is the 50th anniversary of The Second City. I will be traveling to Chicago aboard a plane that Andrew Alexander has generously chartered from LA to Chicago this Friday. Those of us on this flight have oh-so-creatively dubbed it the “Party Plane,” but that’s primarily because it’s a Southwest flight and all those planes are party planes, am I right? Whoo!

The festivities are as follows:

Friday night: SCTV reunion shows at 7 & 10 on the mainstage. Alums are “invited” to watch on closed-circuit TV from elsewhere in Second City. This will either be insultingly lame or incredibly fun, mainly depending on if refreshments are provided.

Saturday: panel discussions, including The Colbert Report, SNL, Sitcom folks, etc. I’m not going to any of these, but they’ll probably be fun.

Saturday night: Alumni shows. The 7pm show is open to the public (and by that I mean tickets were on sale for $125 and sold out within minutes) and will feature alums doing scenes they did back in the day. I’m lucky enough to get to perform in this show; co-alum Brian Gallivan and I are reprising our scene “Killer” from “Between Barack and a Hard Place,” in which I play a pre-Obama-getting-the-Democratic-nomination Hillary Clinton, trying to get rid of Obama.

The 10pm alumni show is a bit looser and will be by alums, for alums. As in, we’re all going to sit around and watch people try to remember the words to a song they sang 11 years ago. I will be performing the song “Less Offensive” (about gay marriage) from the show “War! Now In Its 4th Smash Year!” By the title, you should be able to figure out how old that show is.

Sunday morning: some kind of brunch.

And that’s the rundown. I haven’t been back to Chicago since August, which is the longest I’ve been away from there since 1996. So it’ll be a fun trip, despite it being December.

I’m going to try, TRY, to keep folks updated via Twitter on the various goings-on, so if you want to check it out I’m on twitter as erdmanmolly.

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