The Softer Side of Me

This past Wednesday I shot a Sears commercial. This is noteworthy for a couple of reasons: it’s the first thing I’ve booked since Sonic, and although that keeps me busy by shooting every couple of months, I booked that in January of last year and I was starting to think it was a fluke because no one else seems to want any of what Erdman has to offer. In recent weeks I’d gotten close on a few other things – A US Mint commercial and a couple of voice-overs, but I ended up not getting them. Second, this is my first truly national commercial. Sonic is actually regional, though it plays nationally on cable even in places where Sonic doesn’t exist.

The downside to this upcoming national exposure is that I may be unrecognizable, or wish that I was, because of my hairstyle. For some reason, and I have my theories, there was a last minute decision to brush my hair forward in a way that makes me look like a Beatle trying to sneak into a PTA meeting. So this fall, if you see a woman dressed in purple, possibly holding a hand-mixer, who makes you wonder if maybe I have a cousin who does commercial work, that’s me.

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