The video. Here.

Oh Hillary, I can’t thank you enough for not only keeping this video topical, but actually putting within the realm of actual realism…


  • The Adverb Ninja

    Hillary + assassination references=serious comedy

  •  Anonymous

    Hillard Mad!
    Love it :)

  •  Larry

    pretty funny keep up the good work

  • The Adverb Ninja

    If Hillary keeps hanging around, there’s going to be a sketch where it’s Obama who hires the assassin.

  • sannyclaus

    This skit is getting better all the time. I love the silly laugh, you are right on track with that one. We need some more of your sonic commercials. We love you here at the north pole.


  • Jonathan

    i think this video is absolutely hilarious, i’ve been posting it on facebook walls all over the place. since you are so great in it, can i call you solly terdman? :) <3

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  •  Anonymous

    I LOVED this…that was great..thanks Molly,
    from your newest big time fan…


  •  Emma

    You’re my favorite drive-in-commercial-actress of all time.

    Despite how it sounds, that’s truly meant to be a compliment. Discovering your site strengthens my resolve to spread the word of your entertainment value.

    Gawd, I sound odd. I just wanted to say, “I think you’re funny!”


  • Qixter

    Very funny! Thanks for the video.

  • Ethan

    Oh Man…that was funny and creepy. I dig it. The laugh was horrible…I have always pictured Hill laughing that way.