Things that are taxing

This morning I’ve been working on my taxes. And by working on my taxes, I mean doing the preliminary organizing so that someone else can do my taxes. This year I have 10 W-2’s and will have to file (or rather, someone will have to file for me) in 6 states. Showbiz!

One of the more impressive statistics in my data-gathering is that in 2008 I drove 1155 miles looking for work. That’s about the distance to Denver. Now when I say “looking for work” I don’t mean driving around knocking on every door between here and Denver offering to do odd jobs; for tax purposes, looking for work included every audition and meeting I had. Which apparently was 1155 miles’ worth.

Moving on from this scintillating tax talk, last night I went to the opening party for a yoga & spinning studio near me. My friend Maribeth teaches there and I’ve been taking classes there for the past couple of months (although this was their official “opening party,” they’ve actually been open since December. At least I hope they have. Otherwise I don’t know who I’ve been giving money to and if that person has been teaching me proper technique.). Anyway, you may be thinking, “Who goes to a party at a yoga & spinning studio?” I have three answers: 1. A lot of pretty, most likely athletic people. 2. A guy who is on “Bones.” (I didn’t know this fact, but my friend Celeste clued me in. This guy had actually been in one of my spin classes and it made me nervous in retrospect) and 3. Stephen Baldwin.

Picture this: in the Spinning (aka “Indoor Cycling”) studio, a live DJ is spinning tunes while 5 instructors give a spinning demo. About 30 people are packed in the room, standing around, holding wine glasses and grazing on passed appetizers like steak tartare and twice-baked purple potatoes. Stephen Baldwin approaches where Celeste and I are standing and trying not eat more than what seems acceptable at such an event. Normally my instinct upon celebrity sighting is to stay at a distance where I can observe without the risk of having to speak to them, but in this instance I was literally cornered. Not only cornered, but cornered in a spinning studio with mirrors everywhere so that I could witness for myself every second of what would certainly become an awkward conversation.

And then the three of us proceeded to have a lovely, normal conversation. I asked him if he took classes there, he said no, he lives in New York. I asked why he was there, he said he’s friends with the owners. He remarked about how very “LA” the event was, and we all talked about the cities where we grew up (he claims to love Dallas) and how much more normal they are. All in all, one of my better, less awkward celebrity interactions. I think I only looked in the mirror twice, just to see how I looked while talking to Stephen Baldwin.

  • Jared

    I could have a perfectly normal conversation with him because I’m afraid I wouldn’t know the chap even if he walked up and punched me in the face.

    Sounds like a nice guy though.

    What’s he been in? 😉

  • Dave

    In 2001 I had a nice 30-minute conversation with Ed Catmull, Pres. and founder of Pixar and developer of what became Avid when he was at Lucasfilm. We’d ended up next to each other on a bus from an animation conference in LA to Universal for an evening event. (They were showing off the T2 3D show at the park for the first time). For a geek like me that’s a serious celeb! We still email on occasion … he’s just a regular guy.

  •  Clayj

    Stephen Baldwin was most famously in “The Usual Suspects” (he was McManus). Most recently, he was on “The Celebrity Apprentice” last year. He became a born again Christian at some point during the last 10 years. Seems like a pretty nice guy from seeing him on TV.

  • Charlie Hills 2.0 rocks! Very, very nice relaunch of the site. Well worth the wait. :)

  • Dave

    Love the new site, Molly. Beautiful pics, nicely laid out … It suits you!