This has taken a turn

In response to Dwight/Riiiight and anyone else who now hates me – I responded to a few comments because I felt I was being told “No Molly, saying “I’m well” is correct,” when the whole point of my post was to concede that fact after years of struggle. And I’m not offended by the word chick (although I don’t really see it as the equivalent to dude except maybe in some Frankie Avalon movie), I just thought it was a weird way to address me when I’m not just some anonymous woman on the internet. Maybe I was too sensitive to it, but maybe you’re a little too sensitive to my sensitivity.

I am grateful for all the people out there who read this. When I started this blog, it was because I was going to work on a cruise ship for 4 months and I thought it would be an easy way to communicate with my friends and family. I never imagined I’d keep it going as long as I have, and I never imagined that people I didn’t know would ever read it.

I realize that I’m putting my opinions and whatnot online for anyone to see, and I’m not complaining in that regard. But when you write comments you’re doing the same thing and sometimes I’m going to respond, especially if I feel like I’ve been misinterpreted or attacked. But I’ve only deleted one comment in the past 3 1/2 years, so I like to think that I’m giving people the chance to say what they want about what I say.

I will write more when I get what I believe to have interpreted as a ball of indignation out of my ass. It hurts, especially since it seems to be wrapped in mainsail ropes.

  •  Milt

    I enjoy reading your blog. Please don’t a let a small number of fools spoil it for you.

    Thank you for sharing.

  •  aunt esther

    You go, girlfriend!

  •  Anonymous

    Just remember, these are your readers:

  • jtinoh

    Amazing how worked up people get over grammar.

    My advice to you is to avoid the abortion subject on your blog.

    Your blog and your Sonic commercials rock. Please keep both of them coming.

  • Jim Payne


    I just started reading your blog yesterday. You write very well, indeed! I saw your latest sonic skit a couple of days ago. You are very funny! Keep your sunny side up! I think you are going to the top! JP

  • vemene


    Anyone who would be capriciously mean to you is obviously a person of poor judgment and weak character — so please do not let it get under your skin. Speaking your mind is one of your strong suits, I think we can all agree; it is, after all, what keeps us coming back here for more.


  • Tom

    Wow…I don’t read Erdmania for a while, and I miss all of the craziness! Can’t say I blame you for balking at being called “chick”

  • http://ptousig.livejournal.comrel=nofollow ptousig

    It’s your blog Molly, you can delete whatever comment you feel like.

    And I thought “chick” was a little bit condescending.

    Keep up the good work… babe :-).

  • sannyclaus

    Your blog is one that I read everyday when I view the blogs of my kids who are far away from East Tennessee. I look forward to every entry to get a more personal view of you. I enjoy watching your career grow and look forward to seeing you in future episodes of sitcoms like according to Jim. I am hoping to see you on the big screen someday soon, be sure to let us know. My wife and I love the sonic commercials and are drawn there for what ever you are advertizing. I still split a gut everytime I view the Hillary skit. You are one funny LADY keep on posting and commenting. We love you out here.

  •  Anonymous

    I’ve not posted before, but I’m another who enjoys your postings, and I would encourage you to keep it up. You’re funny and talented, and I always look forward to what you have next.

  •  Anonymous

    dont mind those keyboard professors molly you have cheered me up more than once when ive been down and i enjoy this place even my grammer sucks!

  •  Bryce

    Big mahalo to you for smoking out the underground league of “grammar Nazis” in America. Battle lines are being drawn right now between those who side with “good” and those who side with “well”. It’s on like Donkey Kong! Here are some words that I find when properly or improperly used make me ill… kinda like “well”:


    So who talks like this? I’ve narrowed down Dwight’s rant to the following professions – Proctologist, Mainsheet/Tactician, Clergyman, and Royal Butler. There is definitely a hint of Rev. Jesse Jackson in there too. Shouldn’t be too hard to track this guy down. Now I know why the Amish don’t educate their kids past eighth grade – fear they might turn into total douche like Dwight.

  • Becky..AMHW

    Get you some of that foam for that ball of indignation.

    In case you’re asking, I’m AWESOME.

  • Justin Evans

    It was stated as a comment under the last post, but colloquial speech, which contradicts grammar on occasion, is perfectly acceptable. People need to pull the stick out of their a** when it comes to this sort of stuff.

    As for being subjected to some lurker’s over dramatic, sense of self-importance, I feel BAD about you as a public figure being subjected to that sort of petty behavior.

    Now I’m off to destroy some person’s sense of right and wrong by speaking in split infinitives.

  • CHV

    As one with a Master’s degree in English, I take pride in my birthright to butcher the Queen’s tongue at will.

    Thus, any titanium-rod-up-the-ass, jackbooted, MLA grammarian thugs who dinna like it can promptly get bent.

    Best wishes, Molly.


  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    Hi Molly … longtime fan here, but only yesterday learned who you are, and that you have a blog.

    As a longtime blogger myself, one who’s also been online in various areas for more than ten years now, I can tell you from my own experiences that people online do not act as they would in-person.

    There was a representative of a software corporation about 10 years ago who re-posted some of my computer code on the company’s website and claimed it as his own. This was after the company had contracted with me for tutorials in the same area of technology.

    As to people who’ve been mean and nasty, there have been many! Some were supposedly other computer “professionals”. Fortunately, those are people who seem to have forgotten to continue their attacks.

    One individual recently attacked me numerous times on my food blog and hung on for many months. He also attacks other food bloggers, and will email their friends with nasty comments if he can find them. I’ll tell you the whole story if you’re interested.

    My point is (yes, I do have one!), these people don’t ever hang around for too long. One aspect you can always count in is your supporters and friends. The mean and nasty folks don’t have anything to hang onto if their comments don’t find their own supporters. The guy who attacked me on my food blog claimed to be able to ruin me online, and went to other food blogs posting under my own moniker. However, he never made a dent thanks to others of my readers.

    Dwight/Right hasn’t a leg to stand on. More importantly, his is only one voice. I was saddened a couple years ago when Pauley Perrette (‘NCIS’) silinced her own blog because of one individual. I hope that doesn’t happen here.

    Molly, your opinions count. From what I’ve read in here, your readers don’t agree with Dwight/Right.

    Please, let their opinions be what you stand on here. Let their opinions be why you continue here.

    I hope you never silence your opinion. Already, it appears to be treasured more than you realize.

  • Kathy

    Have you forgotten your Dallas roots so soon??

    Down here when someone asks, “How are you?” We always smile and say, “I’m fiiiiine”, even if we’re about to explode!

    Bless your heart, darlin’ you’ve been gone too long!

    Keep up the GOOD WORK!

  • melz3000

    Ouch. No wonder you need Ahhh.