This just in

News teaser from Thursday night:

“The gay marriage debate could affect your commute!”

LA just out-LA’d itself.

  • the adverb ninja

    If this had been in Pittsburgh, it would have gone:

    “California debates gay marriage. Are your kids safe?”

  •  groucho

    I guess you could call this a “drive-bi”.

  • Molly Erdman

    I don’t normally respond to comments, but I do love a good pun. Nice.

  • gonoles92

    Bi-Golly you’re right.

  • gonoles92

    I forgot the Molly part.
    Supposed to read bi-golly Molly you’re right. Nevermind…I messed it up, sorry! Boo for me.

  • gonoles92

    The Bible says Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve.

  • Becky..AMHW

    I knew those gay folks in Cal-lee-fern-A were running amok, all of em spreading their gay cooties all over, but geeze…tell them to stay away from the freeway like all god fearing americuns is doin!

    Next up…gay joke about gas prices…and a rimshot.

  •  Ben -Her

    Effective immediately the HOV lane will be re-designated the “Homosexual Occupancy Lane”.

  •  Ben-her

    Correction: “Homosexual Occupancy Vehicle” lane.

  •  sannyclaus

    Not everyone in California is Gay. Some of them are just Queer.