Thursday in Antigua

Today we got to Antigua early in the morning, but we waited and had a nice breakfast and then headed out. It was raining at first, but I didn’t care. It was nice to be on solid land again. We walked around St. John, the town we docked in, and then 4 of us got in a cab and headed to a beach. Our driver recommended one that wouldn’d be too crowded, and it was perfect. The rain stopped pretty much the whole time we were there, and it was nice to be someplace so quiet. I got in the water and was swimming around, but then I saw a little fish jump out of the water and I freaked out and left. Unless I’m snorkeling and purposefully looking for fish, I don’t want to know that they’re there.

Then we came back on board and met up for dinner. It’s been nice that we’ve been doing stuff as a group. I’m sure that will change once we get more comfortable, but it’s nice to have people we know around. We are making friends with the folks who do the musicals on board – they’re very nice to us, despite the fact we’ve taken one of their show slots.

I just finished a quick improv show in the main lounge on board. Colin, the cruise director, had a half hour opening, so we asked to do a show. It went pretty well, but it was a little weird because we had to hold microphones and play to what is essentially a bar crowd. It being what it was though, it was a lot of fun. After us – what I just left to come write this – is a show called “Ship-n-males,” which is some of the male crew members strutting their stuff. It was a little creepy.

Tomorrow we go to Barbados. Some of the guys in our group are playing golf, and the rest of us are going to explore a little. Getting on and off the ship doesn’t seem to be too much of an ordeal, which is nice.

Good night!

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