To Do

It’s really happening, everybody. I’m moving to LA. Sometime around the 2nd week of October.

As of about a week from now, I will have lived in Chicago 11 years. In that time, I have never been in the Sears tower. Well, I’ve been in the lobby of it, but that doesn’t really count. So my question to myself is whether I should hold on to that as a small claim to fame, or whether I need to get up there before I leave to consider my Chicago experience complete. I’m leaning towards going, since I don’t really think anyone’s going to be impressed by my willpower of not going to Chicago’s major tourist attraction. If anything, they’ll be impressed by my laziness. Unless I make up a good reason, like I’m won’t go in the Sears tower because my Sears commercial never aired. And then they’ll say that Sears doesn’t even occupy that building anymore and that they never knew I even did a Sears commercial and why didn’t it air, and then I’ll have to try to replicate my ridiculous hairstyle and that’s why I should probably just go up the tower.

  • bartus

    You should do it. Not every one thinks about climbing that hill or hiking down to the bottom of that canyon only a few miles from home. I’ve meet people all over the country and world who have never ventured out of their state. Sad but true. No guts, No glory. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life is an adventure, see where it leads.

  • DarthAlex

    Go! Just do it…I regret never having gone up in the World Trade Towers when I had the chance. If nothing else, it is a heckuva view. I went up in the 80’s and carry fond memories of that to this day. Just ignore the obligatory post 911 body cavity search they do now. They now only hire security born with out a sense of humor from what I hear. 😉