Traffic & TV

Ok, you know what it is? When I am the one who pulls to the side when another car is coming, I just want the person in the other car to wave at me. Or smile. Something that acknowledges that I’m an incredibly courteous person.

Quiz: What don’t I watch?
Which of the following shows has not been on my DVR at any point this week:

Top Chef
Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Sex and the City
The Simpsons
Saturday Night Live
According to Jim
Iron Chef America
What Not to Wear
Good Eats

If you said The Simpsons, you’re right. I’ve had multiple season passes for it on my DVR through the years, but I’ve come to the realization that it’s not something I enjoy watching by myself. So I’ve allowed myself to stray from comedy nerd-dom and relieve myself of the burden.

  • Tom

    If you like(d) the Simpsons, I recommend South Park…rent some of the earlier seasons to start off. That show is genius, and way edgier than the Simpsons.

  •  Jarrett Pressman

    Ha. Molly. Your Tivo is exactly mine. But I also have Ace Of Cakes, Parking Wars, LOST, How It’s Made, and Modern Marvels.

    Hope you’re well. I’ll be out in LA sometime summery. See you then movie star.

  •  Vance

    I think I am in love with you. What should I do?

  • Ace

    Add these two to your DVR list when they start up later this year:

    1) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 4
    2) Ice Road Truckers – Season 2

    There are rumors of an 8th season of Trailer Park Boys, too; however, you might not get this since it’s broadcast on the Showcase Channel in Canada.

  •  Shane Connery

    What? You don’t watch Double Jeopardy? That sissy Trebek will not be pleased. And for that, I’m quite happy about, Mish Moneypenny.