Happy Thanksgiving. Not belated for this year, but early for next year!

This is the time of year where the lovely weather in LA makes life a little weird. It’s hard to go Christmas shopping in shorts. To combat this, I pretend that I am 4th of July shopping.

Last Sunday I watched the 2-hour prequel to the next season of “24.” I thought it was slightly bearable, but the preview for the next season looks a little more promising. I think the folks at 24 are taking credit for putting the idea of a black president in America’s collective mind, and have now decided to further their agenda by giving us a female president. Going by their pattern of minority, white guy, white guy, minority, I’d say we have 2 white guy presidents after this one and then a gay man. On 24, that is. Boy, they sure go through presidents fast on that show.

  • Ted

    Hey, we’re all pink on the inside, baby!!!

    Um… sorry about that.

  • Paticus

    I’m just hoping that the crazy of Powers Boothe hangs around for at least a handful of episodes. He always looks like he’s going to stab someone in the neck with his pen.

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    Maybe they need to have a female Asian-American president on the show, one with enough martial arts skills to be her own bodyguard. The “little person” pirate from the Disney Pirates films can play her husband, with an adopted son being played by one of the Wayans brothers.

  • James

    You know, Gena Davis was the president in “Commander in Chief”. It went off the air around the same time Hillary decided to make her bid for president. Coincidence? I think not!

  • Paragon

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  • Paragon

    Previews always look promising. Watching the preview trailers is sometimes the best part of going to the movies.

    But this next season looks like it should be extraordinarily good. Jack is back… again… once more.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  •  marcus brooks

    I’m sure you’ve heard this before. But, I enjoyed your Sonic commercials. I definitely loved your digs during the sausage biscuit promo. Ever thought of coming to Des Moines and performing at the Funny Bone?

    Anyway, besides the humor, you’re great on the eyes. Keep doing the damn thing!

  •  marcus brooks

    By the way, after the two white guys and gay man, our next leader (If i’m still alive) will be named Anatasia Tisdale, the first elected transgender candidate and former Miss Gay Iowa.

  •  marcus brooks

    If you ever want to check on my blogs and articles, I’m on Helium-Where Knowledge Rules.

    You’d be good for that. Especially for the Arts and Entertainment channel.