View from the top

This week we had a few days of amazing weather, so I decided to finally head up to Griffith Park, home of the Griffith Observatory and some hiking trails. It was so nice, I went back the next day. As you can see, it was a smoggy day; I’ll have to go back the day after it rains to get a clear view.

  •  Anonymous

    Beautiful pictures….I really enjoy reading your comments here, you seem like a very intelligent, funny, and charismatic person.

    Love your commercials as well.

    Wish you all the best in the years to come Molly. I know you will do will…being beautiful and funny will never hurt you in the long run!!

    Havea great night!

  • Terrence

    Hi Molly.

    First, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your comic timing. In fact, that’s how I stumbled onto your blog. Just wanted to extend the compliment.

    That said, my other two cents is to say that, yep, Griffin Park has an excellent view. But if you haven’t already — and I’m assuming you have — Runyon Canyon has, in my opinion, the best view. It’s just amazing. Plus, the hike to the top, if you go to the highest peak, is a bear. It’s pretty satisfying when you get to the top.

    Anyhoo… best regards.

  • dave

    I agree with terrence: Runyon Canyon is great. There are lots of side trails, some of which can be tough to find, so keep an eye out for people that veer off the main paths. Also, lots of people bring dogs, and there’s a lawn where they hold yoga classes.

    Also there’s a big chair. Not sure what that’s about.