I hope you enjoyed Andy’s guest entry. Please note the views expressed by guest bloggers do not necessarily reflect the views or proofreading skills of Erdmania, inc. Stay tuned for more guest bloggers in the future. Maybe.

By now I’ve heard reports of our ship on the news, including CNN, which we get on the ship. I haven’t seen anything, but other crew have. On the one hand, I don’t know that there’s much of story: we hit bad weather, a big wave hit us, windows broke, rooms flooded, a few people were hurt (ok, when I put it like that it sounds kinda bad)…but it’s over now. Then again, I’m a little relieved that CNN is showing a story that doesn’t involve waiting for someone to die. Right now CNN is waiting for the Cardinals to start meeting to select a new Pope. CNN: Waiting For News to Happen. Also, I just heard this said by one of the anchors in an interview with a Vatican correspondent: “I guess sometimes too much information isn’t such a good thing. Or is it?”

So last night we did an improv show with all the other headlining entertainers as well as the Cruise Director and Asst. Cruise Director. It was a blast. It was fun just to get to do some improv, to get to do it with people we don’t usually work with, and to entertain some people who were grateful for a laugh. We may do it again this coming week on the last night, since it’s the last week for our current CD, Paul, and ACD, Mike.

Right now Rich should be about to land at La Guardia, so I’m going to wrap up and go somewhere where I have a phone signal. Have a great week! I plan to.

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