War! Now in its 4th Smash Year! Now in its Last Week of Rehearsals!

Hello, and welcome to what will likely be my last post until we open on July 2. The show is coming along nicely, and we’re in good shape to spend this final week of rehearsals working on running order and transitions. We have this sort of thematic through-line in right now, and we’re trying to figure out if it’s serving us properly or if we want to cut it down or change it somewhat. And we have a few more scenes than we have room for, so certainly we’ll be making some final cuts in the next couple of days. Though I think at this point we all have a pretty realistic view of what’s on the chopping block, to use my favorite overused reality tv phrase.

The world-famous Colin Kerr, our cruise director on the Norwegian Dawn and currently the cruise director aboard the Starship Gemini (no kidding), which travels throughout Asia, was in town for the past 10 days. He came to see our show, since he knows both Joe and myself, and I got to have a few meals with him and most of our original Dawn cast. We also did Match Game together last Monday: Paul, Sue, Joe, Brian, Colin, and myself. It was a lot of fun, even though it was a crazy time to try to fit in so many activities (for me, that is). But Colin seemed to really like Chicago and it was great to see him.

Also, I have a cold.

That’s about all the news here. I’m eagerly awaiting our opening and then having loads of free time to tackle all the things I’m able to say I’m going to do since I have currently have no time to do them. It’s like saying “If I had a million dollars, I’d give half to charity” when I say “If I had the time, I’d paint the bedroom.”

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