Welcome to Miami…

I definitely feel less urgency in sightseeing on this trip, partially because Florida isn’t quite as exotic as our past locales, and partially because I know I’ll be doing this trip 9 more times. I did get off the ship today though, and walked around an outdoor shopping tourist-y area. Then I came back to the ship and got a massage. On port days we get a nice cruise discount, and honestly, it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had.

Tonight is our crew show (at midnight), and we’re not sure what to expect. The word was a little late getting out, but people aren’t really faced with lots of activity options. I just got word, however, that because of an excellent safety inspection today, drinks are free tonight, both at crew bar and at our show. As long as people know that there are free drinks at our show, we should get a decent house. It’s also Colin’s birthday, so there’s going to be some karaoke antics in crew bar as well, but with 1200 crew members, we’re sure to get some folks. Hopefully I’m not just being naively optimistic, but if I am, isn’t that adorable of me?

I just posted a picture of last week’s Liars Club panel, with an example of one of the words we have to make up a definition for. Nothing brings down the house here like a little innuendo.

Because of hurricane damage, Norwegian’s private island is not quite ready for visitors. So tomorrow we’re going to Nassau for the day, and then Friday we’ll be in Freeport (also in the Bahamas, just a different island).

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